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Dental Implants – McMinnville, OR

Tooth Replacement for the 21st-Century

For patients with missing teeth, dental implants simply offer the best of everything. Not only do they look extremely lifelike, but they function just like real teeth as well, allowing a patient to eat whatever they like without their prosthetic shifting. Plus, they’ve been shown to last decades longer than any other treatment, making them a onetime investment for most patients. Dr. Ramsay is able to provide comprehensive dental implants in McMinnville, OR here at Evans Street Dental, so our patients can recover their missing teeth and never have to think about them again. To learn more and schedule a consultation, contact us today.

Why Choose Evans Street Dental for Dental Implants?

What Is a Dental Implant?

Three animated implant supported replacement teeth

A dental implant is essentially a small titanium tooth root that is placed into the jaw to restore one that has gone missing. Titanium is extremely strong and very biocompatible, which means when it’s positioned within the jaw, it actually bonds directly with the surrounding bone. This helps create a strong and reliable foundation for a crown, bridge, or denture that is attached on top. Basically, implants are built just like real teeth, which is why they look and function flawlessly.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Smile with animated dental implant overlaying image

The biggest benefit of getting dental implants is that they make a patient look and feel like their missing teeth were never gone in the first place. Self-supporting, custom-made restorations are designed to perfectly match the rest of the smile, and the new tooth roots mean a patient can take every bite of food with complete confidence. They can be easily maintained with routine brushing and flossing, and in most cases, implants have been shown to last for 30 years or more.

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Older woman framing her smile

If you’re ready to replace your missing teeth and have decent oral/overall health, then yes, dental implants are a viable option for you! After meeting with Dr. Ramsay for a consultation, she’ll help you determine which of the following implant options would be best for you:

Animation of implant supported dental crown

Missing One Tooth

A custom-made crown can be positioned between two healthy teeth and held in place using a single implant. Unlike with a traditional bridge, the nearby teeth won’t need to be reshaped at all to make room for the prosthetic, and the crown itself will be color-matched to the rest of the smile.

Animation of implant supported fixed bridge

Missing Multiple Teeth

A small number of implant roots can be used to attach a partial denture or bridge to the jawbone to restore multiple teeth at the same time. This approach gives these prosthetics a stability and longevity simply not possible with removable ones.

Model implant supported denture

Missing All of Your Teeth

All it takes is just four to six implants placed strategically along the jaw to hold a full denture firmly in place. Unlike a removable denture, an implant denture won’t shift or slide across the gums, leading to a more comfortable fit and much stronger bite.

Bone Grafting

Animation of grafted bone with implant post

After a tooth goes missing, the jawbone that used to support it actually starts to shrink and change shape. Over time, this can make the bone so weak and thin that it cannot be trusted to support a dental implant. But, Dr. Ramsay can build up the bone with a minor procedure called a bone graft. This increases the height and thickness of the bone right where it’s needed so a patient can get an implant and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

PRP/PRF Therapy

Animation of blood platlets

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), is a substance derived from a patient’s own blood that is rich with innumerable healing proteins and regenerative cells. When applied after dental implant-related surgery, it kicks the body’s natural healing response into overdrive, not only shortening someone’s recovery time but also reducing any inflammation and post-treatment pain. This creates a much more comfortable experience and allows a patient to achieve their final result in much less time.

Start to Finish Convenience

X-ray of implant supported dental crown

While most other dental offices in the area force their dental implant patients to bounce between different specialists to have the procedure completed, Dr. Ramsay has the training and experience to perform every phase of the treatment herself right here at Evans Street Dental. From your initial consultation all the way until you walk out our doors with your renewed smile, you’ll be able to save time and stress every step of the way.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Model of implant supported dental crown

Because dental implants offer such a versatile solution to varying degrees of tooth loss, the cost of the treatment is always dependent on the specific needs of the patient. The number of teeth being replaced, where they are located within the mouth, and what kind of restoration will be used can all influence the overall price. With that said, dental implants tend to be the most budget-friendly replacement option thanks to their durability. Implants are typically a one time investment because they are designed to last for decades, whereas regular bridges and dentures may cost less upfront, but have to be redone at regular intervals, which usually leads to a much bigger bill over time.

Learn More About Cost of Dental Implants

How Dental Implants Work

Unlike other tooth replacement options, rebuilding your smile with dental implants is a multistep process. While every patients’ treatment will be slightly different, you can typically expect steps like an initial consultation, preliminary treatments, implant placement surgery, and final restoration placement. The entire dental implant process usually takes several months to complete, but the end result is a beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting restoration that is well-worth the wait. During your consultation, we’ll go over your dental implant plan step-by-step and as well as an estimation of your treatment timeline.

Learn More About How Dental Implants Work

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